Hypertension is a disease of the past

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of deaths worldwide. According to official statistics from the World Health Organization, they account for 40% of all deaths.

Hypertension is a pathological condition, the root cause of 9 cases of heart attacks and strokes out of 10. The quiet killer, as doctors call it, annually claims tens of millions of lives.

Dr. Brooks Bruen – Professor and cardiac surgeon with forty years of experience told our editorial staff about the causes and characteristics of the course of hypertension, as well as about an innovative drug with the help of which humanity will finally overcome this ailment.

— Doctor,What are the risk factors for the development of hypertension?

— There are a number of factors that may lead to the development of hypertension, such as:

  • heredity
  • sex - men are more likely to contract this disease
  • age (people over 35)
  • stress
  • alcohol consumption
  • atherosclerosis
  • smoking
  • improper nutrition
  • hypodynamia

If more than 2 of these factors apply to you, then the probability of getting the disease is already very high.

— What is the danger of hypertension?

— Hypertension is dangerous due to its complications: ischemic heart disease with the development of myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, cerebral stroke, renal failure.

You need to understand that the higher the blood pressure, the more hard work the heart has to do to maintain normal blood circulation. Therefore, without proper treatment, hypertension leads to a thickening of the walls of blood vessels, their hypertrophy.

In this case, the heart begins to work intermittently, its walls become thinner, which leads to the body’s tissues not getting enough blood. Heart failure develops, that is, the inability of the heart to do its job as it’s supposed to.

— What are the typical symptoms of hypertension?

— It is not for nothing that hypertension is called the "silent killer", because often it does not make itself felt and does not manifest itself in any way. However, the absence of symptoms does not reverse the fatal consequences of the disease.

When symptoms do make themselves known, they can be in the form of:

  • headaches
  • nosebleeds
  • heart rhythm disturbances
  • blurred vision
  • tinnitus

Advanced hypertension leads to confusion, chest pains, muscle tremors, weakness, nausea, vomiting and internal tension.

— How should hypertension be treated?

— Currently a large number of antihypertensive drugs exist.Unfortunately, they only temporarily relieve symptoms. The vast majority of popular drugs must be taken constantly, all your life . Like other drugs, they are inevitably addictive and have many side effects.

After a young girl died in my arms from a cerebral hemorrhage, I set out to develop a drug that could help avoid such cases. For 10 years, our institute has been developing a tool that could save a person from the problem of high blood pressure once and for all

And we finally managed to develop a drug that does just that. We called it Cardiol.

— What studies has Cardiol undergone?

— The therapeutic effect of the drug was evaluated. 1000 volunteers completed the full Cardiol course. These are the data we received in the end:

  • 98% of participants’ blood pressure stabilized around 120/80 within the first hours after administration
  • 97% of participants got rid of all the symptoms of hypertension after the first two weeks of the course
  • 82% of participants noted the absence of hypertension attacks after the first three days of admission
  • 80% of participants regardless of the stage of the disease completely got rid of hypertension after the first course of Cardiol.

— So, Cardiol eliminates hypertension completely once and for all?

— Yes, as of today it is the only drug that completely eradicates hypertension.

— Where can you acquire this drug?

— Cardiol is sold in pharmacies, but not yet available in all the pharmacy chains. That’s why, our institute made a temporary project where for now you can purchase Cardiol at cost price, without the resellers' extra charges.

— Doctor, thank you for this informative interview. I think you have helped many of our readers.

Aric Littel30.06.2020

An interesting article

Shaylee Kihn01.07.2020

I have been suffering from hypertension for 10 years. I have tried, probably, everything I could - all kinds of diets, including no-salt ones, drugs - nothing helps. I ordered Cardiol, I have really high hopes for it!

Rylee Bernier02.07.2020

My mother is 70 years old, she is hypertensive. In recent years, the pressure spikes have become more frequent, we regularly had to call an ambulance. But thanks to Cardiol, Mom was finally able to return to a fulfilling life. Thank you for this tool.

Meggie Walter03.07.2020

I placed a request, thank you!

Dora Blick03.07.2020

My dad has hypertension, he is constantly taking pills. Ordered Cardiol for him

Gardner Blanda04.07.2020


Juston Abernathy05.07.2020

I sometimes feel dizzy, my eyes flicker, my heart beats. My blood pressure is 130/95 at such moments. Not very serious but unpleasant and annoying nonetheless

Edna Mante06.07.2020

I also have that from time to time. But like the first doctor from the article said - it’s easy to not notice high blood pressure. It can manifest itself from time to time in the form of symptoms, or it can “lay low”. So getting treated is a must. I placed an order request on the website

Regan Treutel07.07.2020

That’s true, you can’t just sweep it under the rug…

Trace Bartoletti07.07.2020

Very useful information, thanks

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